Market leading dashboard will help you improve your business.
It will provide you full control over your campaign

Our specialists constantly working on improving user experience, supporting and adding new features.

Full control

You can start multiple campaigns of different types and for the different applications. And receive statistics in real time. All this information will be stored for you in your account.

Flexible targeting

You can customize geo targeting of your campaign. Split your budget on time frame to manage user activity.


Self Serve

You can manage your campaign or generate reports at any time. Just login to your dashboard to access all this features and more.

Easy to pay

You Can use payment system which is convenient to you. When you need VAT invoices just fill your company details and generate all invoices automatically.

Use your keywords search tool.

With keyword search tool you can easily create, manage and analyze search word installs.


Search campaigns

Keyword search campaigns wich will redirect user to search page and give keywords they are supposed to use for a Google Play search require analisis. To make sure the app is within the first 150 search results for each keyword set in targeted country.
You can search and monitor multiple keyword sets. You can search and monitor multiple keyword sets. Your dashboard will be storing analytics for you so you can see effect of your campaign and repeat it when you need. Also you can set up alert when keyword drop down to low in search results.




We have successfully launched more than 364 advertising campaign.

~300 000

3 812 000+ INSTALLS

We have successfully delivered more than 3.8 millions installs.

To meet our customer expectation we can provide significant amount of installs for the short period of time. We can deliver approximately 300 thousands installs per month.

Take your business under control everywhere you go.

No matter which platform you are using IOS or Android,PC or iMac. You always controlling your campaign.


Control reviews of your application

Keep them best all the time. Improve your Rating get more 5* stars to your app rating. Dont allow your competitors ore indecent users influence Your Reviews and Rating. Track Everything related with your app from your Dashboard.


You can make more money with Your apps

We offer you motivated Installs to push your application higher in google play ranking.

Campaigns we have already completed.

There several campaign types with different amount and target countries.

Pricing Models

Rating, reviews and installs for your applications and games on google play.


Cost Per Install - You pay per install to drive downloads and grow in ranking.


Cost Per Action - Pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified action which user must perform in application.


Cost Per Click - Model where the advertiser pays for click on his banner or commercial.


Cost Per Thousand Impressions - Cost per thousand impression which is display on an ad network to a user while he using application.

Each game you publish should be visible to a crowd of users, who want to play your unique games and pay money for it.

If the users can’t see your game, your development has no any sense. Also, if your game is not interesting, your development is a waste of time. So it should be potentially interesting and visible for users (available in top chart).

Pricing Table

Please see our pricing table, we will keep you updated regarding our new offers right in your Dashboard.

  • App Analytics
  • Track your app. Stay updated
  • $0 / month
  • Rating history
  • Real time updates
  • Free
  • Android Installs
  • Go higher, get GooglePlay tops
  • $0.07 / Per Install
  • Upto 10k installs per day
  • 100% Real Users
  • 100% safe
  • Sign In
  • Keyword Installs
  • Increase Your App’s DAU and ECPM
  • $0.15 / Per Keyword install
  • Up to 2k keyword installs per day
  • 100% Real Users
  • 100% safe
  • Sign In

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